If you want excellent service, great prices, and honesty for your car repairs, then I highly suggest you consider BRING YOUR OWN PARTS ! I have been back twice because the work was done professionally and in a timely manner. As a professional, myself, I appreciate quality service and courtesy, with a genuine attitude of wanting to please the customer. BRING YOUR OWN PARTS gets A+ in all of these areas!!!! My car (Cadillac Deville) needed some major repairs (alternator, remove and replace both valve cover gaskets, replace air condition blower, and pinpoint an electrical problem). I needed my repairs done efficiently and quickly so that I would not be without a car for more than 2 days. The dealership would have taken at least a week and cost me, at a minimum, 3 times what I was charged at BRING YOUR OWN PARTS!!! BRING YOUR OWN PARTS even saved me money on parts. The dealership had quoted double the price for the air conditioner blower that BRING YOUR OWN PARTS had quoted me. To expedite the repair, BYOP ordered the part and had it shipped overnight. And, what a pleasant surprise, they even put engine cleaner in my car at no extra charge!! What car repair place do you know that does something extra without charging you? Yes, I will continue doing business with BRING YOUR OWN PARTS because there were no hidden charges, just parts and labor, as clearly stated. As a woman, I appreciated their taking the time to explain needed repairs after running the diagnostic evaluation. I really liked being given a print out of clearly stated charges with me, as the customer, making the final decision as to what work was to be done. I hope you check out BRING YOUR OWN PARTS for yourself, if you like to save money and have quality work done on your vehicle. And a final word : Seniors, BRING YOUR OWN PARTS is the only logical place for you to do business regarding car repairs. Dr. Annelle Mehaffey CEO ELO Educational Learning Opportunities, Inc. 

Date Written: 21 October 2010
Testimonial by: Dr. Annelle Mehaffey

 Simply put, BYOP is a dream come true for the American consumer. But I can't decide what I like most about them: Is it how much money they saved me? Or is it the fact that BYOP is a car dealership's worst nightmare! Many people do not realize how much mark up (i.e., pure profit) exists on auto/truck parts. This is where the "stealerships" make their money, and BYOP throws a wrench in that whole system (pardon the pun). We live in the information age, so it is easy to see that the average consumer is being hosed by dealerships and garages alike. Add in their exorbitant labor charges, and a tune-up that costs only $200 for parts can suddenly run into the thousands. That was my experience, and I am so thankful for Martin and Bring Your Own Parts. The gig is up, dealerships! Here's my story. Driving to work last week, my car's check-engine light came on (of course my warranty had expired). I stopped at the local dealership, and they told me that I needed a tune-up, water pump, timing belt, oxygen sensors, and a laundry list of other gaskets, hoses, etc. In total, they were going to charge $3,000 for this work! After the shock wore off that evening, I started doing some research on the internet. What I found was disturbing and frustrating, because I was literally stunned to see how much the dealers rip off their customers. To give one example, the oxygen sensor from a reputable online retailer was $55. The dealership wanted $135 for the sensor, plus another $100 for labor! The water pump? $215 at the dealership, but only $65 at a local parts shop. BRAND NEW. So I called the dealership and said I wanted for them to complete all of the repairs, but I would bring my own parts. The guy just laughed at me and said, "Good luck with that." Sure enough, after calling around, it is almost impossible to find a mechanic willing to do the labor while using customer-supplied parts! How frustrating! Fortunately, I stumbled upon BYOP's website. I immediately called and asked if I needed an appointment for service. The nice gentleman said to just come on by the shop at my convenience. When I arrived, I was immediately greeted, offered a drink, and settled into a cozy couch while I waited. (Oh, watching the flat-screen wall-mounted TV was a nice touch. My doctor's office could learn a lesson from these guys on how to treat customers.) Within a few minutes, Martin introduced himself and we sat at his desk to discuss my situation. Martin was very patient and answered every question I had. He was both technically proficient and very empathetic. He could see how frustrated I was from my experience with the dealership. I no longer felt like a helpless victim being taken advantage! After inputting all of the information into the system, he was able to show me exactly how many labor hours each step of the job would take. He also offered to get any part for me at their cost. Who does stuff like that these days?!?! Once everything was tallied, that $3,000 job at the dealership was cut in half! And the best news of all? They could begin work that day with a goal to be finished by the next day. Long story short, the mechanics found a few other problems and I had to get a few more parts, but the overall total didn't change that much. These guys caught thing that the now infamous dealership totally overlooked or ignored. The whole team was informative and professional at every step of the way! My experience with BYOP was so good that I decided to have them check my suspension. I just dropped in and asked for a list of parts I would need. Martin outlined everything for me, I bought the components online, and a few days later they were hard at work replacing the suspension. BYOP has literally saved me thousands of dollars, and my car now runs like it did when I first drove it off the lot! Thanks to the entire BYOP team for having a caring attitude; but more importantly, thanks for looking out for the little guys! Aaron B. San Antonio, TX  

Date Written: 21 October 2010
Testimonial by: Aaron Benton

 Had seen the commerials on tv and thought would give it a try. Not only do you just pay for the labor but you get great customer sevice. I have bought my truck in twice and both times I was pleased with the service and final cost for repairs. Martin has been very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. I will definately continue to take my truck to BYOP!  

Date Written: 21 October 2010
Testimonial by: MR. Noriega

 I heard about “Bring Your Own Parts” through a neighbor of mine who had previously had some work done on his truck. He boasted about how happy he was with your service and I decided to give it a try. My boyfriend has a 2003 Ford Focus and unfortunately hadn’t kept up with it and I made it my personal goal to slowly begin some maintenance on it. I knew what some of the problems were and got prices from the dealer and other mechanics and the prices were outrageous. From the moment I drove up to the BYOP shop, I was met with friendly faces and an awesome waiting area. My vehicle was looked at immediately and I was given a breakdown of what the problems were. I was then told the exact parts which were needed and given the option of buying them myself or you could provide them at your cost. I was absolutely stunned at what the market price was on the parts and what you could offer me. When the repairs began on my vehicle, a problem was found, which I was not aware of, and you immediately brought it to my attention. I had to make sure that the vehicle my 3 year old daughter was riding in everyday was safe and you have done that for me. I come from a very small town and was used to taking my vehicle to our local mechanic, who met everyone with a smile and just took care of things at a great price. I can say that after living in San Antonio for 11 years, I have that hometown feeling again and will continue taking my vehicles to your shop. Don’t know how else to say it but to say, THANK YOU from myself and my 3 year old! See ya soon!  

Date Written: 19 October 2010
Testimonial by: Yvonne Vela

 Growing up I had the privilege of learning how to do automobile repairs from my dad. His philosophy is why not learn how to do the repairs yourself and save money and avoid the dealer at ALL cost! So, over the years I have pretty much done all the repairs on our vehicles myself. Recently I had to do a rear brake job on my 2005 Jetta and came across a major roadblock with the caliper piston. A co-worker had just recently told me about their experience with BYOP and how happy they were with the outcome. So I called BYOP one morning, and within the hour my car was at the shop being repaired. As with any repair, unforeseen additional repairs needed to be done. I was taken to my vehicle and a complete description of the needed repairs was told to me and actually was shown the actual parts and their impending failure. The staff at BYOP worked with me at getting the necessary parts to complete the repair within the budget guidelines I had set forth! I will continue to do as much repairs that I can myself, but rest assured in the fact that BYOP will always be a viable resource for me and will come highly recommended to my not so mechanically inclined friends.  

Date Written: 19 October 2010
Testimonial by: Ron Fix
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