Alternator Service

How do I know if my alternator is going bad?
Your alternator turns the mechanical power from your engine into electricity. Most vehicles contain many components that demand electricity such as power windows, navigation system, HID headlights, heated seats and more.

  • Headlights dimming or flickering
  • Voltage warning dash light comes on
  • Burnt rubber smell
  • Whining noise

Our highly-skilled mechanics will test your alternator by doing the following:

  • Check battery life
  • Use voltmeter to check alternator’s AC current
  • Visual inspection of alternator wires

Alternator Inspection

Our knowledgeable mechanics will visually inspect your vehicle’s transmission.
This will take approximately 20-45 minutes and we will provide you a written statement outlining our recommendations.
We will NOT perform any work until we receive approval from you.