Fuel Injection Service

What should I expect from a fuel injection service?
Your fuel injection is an electronically controlled system that works to deliver fuel to your cylinders in a recommended air to fuel ratio. The fuel injectors atomize the fuel so it will burn in the cylinders.

Over time, the system can become clogged with contaminants, when that happens you might experience some of these signs:

  • Hesitation when accelerating
  • Engine knocks or pings
  • Poor acceleration
  • Decreased fuel mileage
  • Rough idle

Our highly-skilled mechanics will visually inspect:

  • Intake manifolds
  • Throttle plate
  • Throttle position sensor
  • Fuel Rails
  • Throttle valves

Fuel Injection Assessment

The fuel injection inspection takes approximately 30-50 min.
You will receive a quote, in writing, of the recommended and necessary repairs.
Your approval is required before we start any repairs.