Transmission Service

How do I know my transmission needs service?
Your vehicle shifts, but there’s a hitch. It’s understandable to be worried, but don’t be. We offer transmission service, rebuilds or replacement.

You may be unsure what exactly is going on, but you’ve experienced some of the following symptoms:

  • Gear slippage, especially under acceleration
  • Transmission delays when switching from park to drive
  • Humming or grinding while driving
  • Imprecise shifting while accelerating
  • Red or pinkish fluid leak (stains on driveway)

Transmission Flush

Our knowledgeable mechanics will visually inspect your vehicle’s transmission.
This will take approximately 1-3 hours and we will provide you a written statement outlining our recommendations.
We will NOT perform any work until we have received approval.

Our highly-skilled mechanics will test drive your vehicle and visually inspect:

  • Transmission fluid level & color
  • Bell housing
  • Transmission filter
  • Selector shaft
  • Transmission lines