Timing Belt Service

What are the signs that I need Timing Belt service?
The timing belt maintains synchronization of the valve and crank. If this belt (or chain in some vehicles) fails, the valve and crank could collide and cause serious engine failure. Most manufacturers recommend a timing belt replacement sometime after 50,000 miles. However, there are conditions within the engine that can reduce the normal lifespan. If you wait until the timing belt fails, it can be catastrophic to your vehicle’s engine.

Here are some possible conditions that induce wear and/or signs that your timing belt is worn.

  • Fluid leak that has dripped on the belt
  • Pulleys or tensioners are misaligned
  • Excessive heat
  • Squealing
  • Difficulty starting the engine

Timing Belt Assessment

Our knowledgeable mechanics will visually check the timing belt and pulley system.
This will take approximately 10-30 minutes and we will provide you with a written statement outlining our recommendations.
We will not begin any work until we receive approval.

Our highly-skilled mechanics will visually inspect your timing belt for:

  • Cracks and peeling
  • Tooth damage
  • Stretch and fray
  • Squealing
  • Pulley alignment and function