Fuel Pump Service

What are the signs that I need Fuel Pump service?
Fuel, it’s what drives us. But it literally drives your vehicle. The fuel pumps maintains consistent and responsive pressure in your fuel system, so that when you press on the pedal, power is delivered.

When your fuel pump is going out, you’ll notice some of the following issues:

  • Engine sputters when accelerating
  • Abrupt loss of power when under stress
  • Trouble starting/sputtering start
  • Fuel pressure gauge indicates low pressure
  • Failure to crank the engine

Our highly-skilled mechanics will visually inspect and/or measure:

  • Fuel system pressure.
  • Check fuel pump fuses and relays
  • Check Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fuel Pump Assessment

Our knowledgeable mechanics will visually check and run various tests to determine if your pump needs replacement and/or service.
This will take approximately 20-45 minutes and we will provide you a written statement outlining our recommendations.
We will NOT begin any work until we receive your approval.