Suspension Service

What are the signs that I need shock or strut replacement?
We all hit bumps in the road. Shocks and struts work hard to ensure a smooth ride and keep your tires flatly on the pavement. Car care experts recommend annual shock/strut inspections to maintain your vehicle’s safety, performance and comfort.

We know what to look for in order to repair your vehicle’s suspension, but here are some signs that you need to bring it in for a shock or strut inspection:

  • Vehicle “bottoms out” (noticeable thud) on speed bumps or potholes
  • Front end dives when braking
  • Vehicle body sways and rolls when turning
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Leakage in shock or strut seals

Our highly-skilled mechanics will visually inspect:

  • Shock/Strut seals
  • Bushings
  • Upper and Lower Control Arms
  • Torsion and Sway Bars
  • Springs

Shock/Strut Assessment

Our knowledgeable mechanics will visually inspect your vehicle’s shocks and struts.
This will take approximately 20-45 minutes.
We will provide you a written statement outlining our recommendations.
We will not begin ANY work until we receive approval.