Off Road Assistance

I love the off road truck look, how do I get it?
There are a number of ways to build your truck or SUV into an off road capable machine. Suspension lifts, leveling kits, body lifts, and more can change the ride height, stiffness and aesthetics of your vehicle. It all depends on what you want. Every manufacturer, Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, GMC, etc. has different off-road options. Accessories such as light bars, grill guards and fender flares complete the look.

Our knowledgeable service writers can help you with the following:

  • Lift Blocks
  • Body Lifts
  • Suspension Lifts
  • Off Road Accessories & Performance
  • Leveling kits & Installation

If you already have your lift kit, then we’d love to help you with the installation. Don’t leave this to the amateurs. If the lift or leveling kit is installed incorrectly (or it’s not the right one for your truck) it can ruin the ride quality of your truck. A good lift kit will actually improve your truck’s handling.

Depending on your truck’s specifications, it’s important to modify other systems to accommodate the lift kit:

  • Brake system
  • Differential
  • Axles
  • Engine Performance
  • Steering Linkage & more
  • Alignment, wheel alignment, alignment cost